CP-I SEM-II (Objectives)

Q.1. Objectives
[A] Select appropriate word from the given options and rewrite the statement :-
1. In India, the service sector contribute about ________ of the total employment.
(30%, 25%, 15%)

2. services are generally ________.
(intangible, tangible, demonstrable)

3. In India, service sectors contribute about ________ of the GDP.
(30%, 40%, 60%)

4. Generally, a company collects data from ________ source.
(secondry, primary, tertiary)

5. At present, FDI is allowed upto ________ in single brand retail.
(100%, 74%, 51%)

[B] State whether following statement True or False.
1. Services can be provided in anticipation of demand.
Ans: False.

2. Service provider need to conduct market research.
Ans: True.

3. The operating cost of organised retail are lower as compared to unorganised retail.
Ans: False.

4. Most banks in India do not issue ATM card.
Ans: False.

5. ATM card create inconvenience to the customers.
Ans: False.

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