Define Conflict and Explain the Causes of Conflicts

Definition :-

Conflict can be defines as ” a process in which one party perceives that another party has taken or will soon taken actions that will harm the first party”.

Conflict is any situation in which two or more parties finds themselves in opposition.

Causes of Conflicts :-
The following are the causes of conflict in an organisation :-
1. Organisational Changes :-
The factors such as changing technology, social, cultural, and political environment leads to organisational changes which are likely to create conflict.

2. Different set of values :-
People in an organisation have different set of values. For instance, some people value honesty, sincerity and integraty whereas others may not. such differences may result in a conflict.

3. Personality clashes :-
There are differences in personality because every one does not think, feel, look or act alike. The differences in personality can be a caused of conflicts among people in an organisation.

4. Threat to status :-
Status in important to many individuals in an organisation. When there is a threat to one’s status, conflicts arises and that person may make any possible affort to maintain and preserved the status.

5. Differences in perception :-
People view things differently due to their past experiences and expectations. Conflicts occurs between two persons having different perception of the same object.

6. Competition :-
Conflicts may arise as people or groups compete with each other for rewards or resources.

7. Problem of multiple roles :-
When a person has to play multiple roles, it can caused an intrapersonal conflicts.

8. Problems in setting goals :-
There can be clash or conflict between the superior and the subordinates  in setting a goals or priorities in the organisation.

9. Lack of trust :-
Every relationship requires trust, a capacity to depends on each others words or actions. It takes time to build trust, but it can be destroyed in a moment. Lack of trust caused conflict in the organisation.

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