Foundation Course (Imp. for internals)

Multiple Choice Questions :-
1. The term __________ refers to freedom to business enterprises from excessive government control.
(Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation)

2. __________ means integrating the national economy with the world economy.
(Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation)

3. __________ is a process of selling government equity in PSUs to private sectors.
(Privatisation, Dis-investment)

4. __________ migration refers to force movement of people away from their home.
(Local, mass, force)

5. __________ farming is undertaken by large corporate firms either by buying the land or taking a land on least basis.
(Corporate, contract, private)

6. The term __________ implies reduction in the role of public sector & Increased in role of private sectors in business & non-business activities.
(Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation)

7. Human rights are derived from the principal of __________ law.
(Government, natural, human)

8. The UDHR consist of a preiamble & __________ articles highlighting human rights & freedom entitled to every one in the world.
(Ten, twenty, thirty)

9. Articles 21(A) has made __________ education as a fundamental rights.
(Primary, socondry, higher)

10. __________ rights aims at personal good of an individual as well as that of the commodity.
(Natural, fundamental, religious)

11. The objectives of right to freedom fo religion is to sustain the principal of __________.
(Socialism, secularism, humanism)

12. __________ is a Abiotic & biotic element that surround humans.
(Ecology, environment, ecosystem)

13. The process of __________ occurs when the surface of the land is warn away and lost.
(Emision, deforestation, errosion)

14. An eco-system is a __________ environment consisting of all the living & non-living organism in a particular area.
(Geographical, biological, political)

15. Acid rain is one of the harmful effect of __________ polution.
(Air, water, land)

16. __________ development focuses on improving the quality of human life without Increasing the use of natural resources.
( environment,sustainable,ecological)

17. The word ‘environment’ is derived from the __________ word environ.
( German,french,latin)

Write in One Sentense :-
1. What are the four geo-spheres?
Ans: the four geo-spheres are atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, etc.

2. Two types of eco-system.
Ans: the two types of eco-system are Natural environment & Human environment.

3. Classification of eco-system.

4. Three biotic components.
Ans: the three biotic components are producer, consumer, decomposers.

5. Three main components of sustainable development.
Ans: the three main components of sustainable development are social, economic & environment.

6. Any three causes of environmental degradation.
Ans: Industrialization,population explossion,farm mechanisation are the causes of environmental degradation.

True or False :-
1.Rural to Urban migration is more common in developed countries.
Ans: False

2. Dereservation of public sectors has resulted inefficiency of firms.
Ans: False

3. IT has made communication expensive & complex.
Ans: False

4. The share of a employment in the agriculture sectors has Increased over the year.
Ans: False

5. Crop failer may forced farmers to commit socide.
Ans: True

6. Liberalisation of Indian economy involves autonomy to public sector unit.
Ans: True

7. The basic Human rights help not only in protection but also in prevention of Human dignity.
Ans: False

8. Human rights are the maximum rights which every individual must have against the state or other public authority.
Ans: False

9. Rights to life does not includes the right to die or an attempt to commit socide.
Ans: True

10. Environmental degradation does not affect marine life.
Ans: False

11. Primary producers are small living being such as bacteria,insects, etc.
Ans: False

12. Environmental study help us to understand only the causes & effects of polution.
Ans: False

13. Natural environment provides renewable source of energy.
Ans: True.

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