Business Communication (Imp. for Internals)

Multiple Choice Questions :-
1. A person who conduct the interview is called as __________.
(Interviewer, interviewee, boss, subordinates)

2. A __________ is conducted to hear the grievances of the employees of the organisation.
(Exit interview, grievance interview , appraisal interview, selection interview)

3. A __________ refers to the gathering of two or more persons in order to discussed matters of common concern, in order to arrive decisions or promulgate a policy.
(Group,meeting, conference, committies)

4. A __________ refers to a written intimation of date, time, place & the business to be transacted at the meeting.
(Notice, report, circulars, pamphlets)

5. __________ refers to a list of items to be discussed in a meeting.
(Agenda, resolution, discussion)

6. __________ provides a personal touch which is very valuable for building goodwill.
( Open house , press conference, fairs, exhibition)

7. __________ could be used more effectively than a brochure to pursuate,inform & educate.
( Webpage , fairs, exhibition, opinion polls)

8. __________ is called when journalists are invited & allowed to ask questions which are replied by a spoksperson on behalf of the organisation.
( press conference, meeting, committee)

9. A __________ is not important in a group discussion.
( time management, knowledge, writing skills)

10. __________ interview takes place when an employee is leaving an organisation.
( promotion, exits, appraisal)

11. __________ does the paper work for a meeting.
( secretary, conveiner, chairperson)

12. The claim can be met by supplying __________ goods.
( new, old, substitute)

13. Finding out facts about the organisation you work for and preparing __________ is the basic tool of the successful public relation man.
( fact sheets , questionnaires, survey, bulletins)

14. __________ is used to solve the personal problem of the employees which might be affecting their work & efficiency.
( advice,counselling, persuation, suggetion)

15. Quesions on which a vote is taken is called the __________.
( resolution,motion, decision, agenda)

16. __________ interviews are coducted by a qualified psychologists after the formal interview is over.
( exit, understress,clinical, appraisal)

17. The candidate should __________ prepare himself to deal with different types of interviews.
(mentally, physically, never, always)

18. In __________ interview the interviewer listen instead of speaking.
( direct, exit, non-directional, selection)

19. The writer  should express __________ for making the complaints.
( joy, regret, condolence)

20. __________ can reduced tension, frustration & state practical and attainable goals before workers.
( advise,counselling, suggetion, persuation)

Write in One sentences :
1. What is sales letter?
Ans: A letter that is sent out to persuade the reader to buy a commodity or service is called sales letter.
2. What is public relation?
Ans: Public Relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort of an organization to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public.
3. What is the first step in conveining a meeting?

4. What is a notice?
Ans: A written intimation of date, time, place & the business to be transacted at the meeting is called notice.
5. What is an agenda?
Ans: A list of items to be discussed at the meeting is called an agenda.
6. What is an inquiry letter?
Ans: A letter that seeks information about a product or a service is called as letter of inquiry.
7. What is a group discussion?

8. Why are the appraisal interviews are conducted?
Ans: Appraisal interviews are conducted to review the performance, future work plan & personal prospects of the subordinates.

Write a Short notes (2 out of 3) :-
1. Advantages of a conference.
2. Exit interview.
3. The main body of Group Discussion.
4. Disadvantages of a meeting.
5. Performance of the interviewee or candidate during the job selection interview.
6. Summerizaion/conclsion of Group Discussion.

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